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You’ve landed on Sebastian’ Journey website. Here, you will learn about the philosophies and philanthropic nature of the serial entrepreneur Sebastian Guthery. You can contact him here.

He describes his journey as “a spiritual recollection of my dedication to giving back and sharing found wonder with others.”

Sebastian & a mentor

Often observed of Sebastian is his willingness to share and uplift others. As you may know, Sebastian owns several businesses. Within, what he calls “tribe consciousness” is an incredibly important to how he gauges successes. Keeping his employees uplifted, strong, free-thinking, and always learning.

In his journey, he’s undertaken a variety of personal and spiritual growth measures. What’s different about Sebas is his eagerness to share his higher level of consciousness with others. He will go out of his way to gift it to you. “Take this course, try this workshop, try these alternative forms of health and wellness,” Sebas will often say. “Life is about sharing and experiencing amazing things. Everyone deserves that opportunity.”

A real-life example of this is his company he is the co-owner of, Hemplogica. After researching, discovering, and testing for himself the power of CBD, he knew he had to get the products into useful hands. He witnessed the calming effect CBD had on kids with epilepsy, while thousands worldwide had no access to this life-changing product. For each purchase made on hempolgica.com, the company will donate 100 mg of CBD to a child with epilepsy.

A recent journey he plans on expanding upon in 2018: luxury car rentals that anyone can afford. While he enjoys driving fast cars, he knows 99% of people will never drive one. “Everyone deserves that f*** yeah feeling,” Sebastian says. “These luxury car companies don’t want you to have it. I want to change that.”

Who knows where the next journey will lead Sebastian, but with the goal of sharing the message with others will always be a priority for him. Be sure to follow his blog to stay up with the latest.

biking in the Indonesian fields

Who is Sebastian Guthery?

As a business leader and entrepreneur, Sebastian D. Guthery has enjoyed the success of several multi-million dollar business ventures. At an early age, he discovered the power of setting goals and working hard to attain them. Coupled with this time-honored work ethic is a passion for giving back. Through non-profit organizations and advocacy initiatives, Sebastian has helped foster an enthusiastic and powerful lobbying group. In addition to his role as President and founder of Kratom-K, the leading online retailer of ethnobotanical products, he is also the leader of the United Kratom Association. He makes his home in the San Diego area of California.

Sebastian Guthery visiting IndonesiaEarly Non-Profit Work

As a young man growing up in Wichita, Kansas, Sebastian had already begun to formulate successful business ventures. His first business was established at the age of 10 when he borrowed $250 from his mother to start his very first business. That first venture was a smashing success; he earned back the money he had borrowed, generated enough funds to attain his goal of attending summer camp, and turned a healthy profit in the process.

Next, he turned his attention to the needs of stray animals, focusing on the stray dog population on the streets of Thailand. He started a non-profit organization called Jen’s Wish, which rescued street dogs and found permanent homes for them. He worked with pet adoption centers and families and was able to place hundreds of dogs in welcoming homes both here and abroad. 


In 2004, Sebastian founded Edens Ethnos, which has become the world’s leading importer and retailer of ethnobotanical products, including kratom, a plant native to Southeast Asia. Long prized in its homeland for its medicinal properties, kratom began to be imported into the United States. It wasn’t long before this natural plant material earned the scrutiny of regulatory government agencies, particularly the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Food and Drug Administration. The DEA proposed an importation ban on kratom and the constituents of Mitragyna speciosa, the evergreen tree kratom is derived from.

The United Kratom Association

Faced with the possibility of an outright ban on kratom products, Sebastian knew he had to move quickly to protect the interests of the herbal community. He established the United Kratom Association (UKA), which has worked with other advocacy groups to fight restrictions and bans on kratom importation and distribution.

The UKA’s primary function is to advance scientific research in an effort to support, promote, and protect the herbal community’s access to kratom. Since it began to appear on the U.S. herbal market, kratom has been poorly understood.

Government agencies were reluctant to fund research into the chemical and pharmacological properties of M. speciosa; rather than to understand it, these agencies sought to ban kratom as a drug of concern. The UKA has generated its own research funding, helping ethnobotanists and medical researchers to gain a clearer understanding of the uses of this natural plant.

In turn, this advanced understanding has energized the herbal community, helping to bring different voices together to stop ban proposals.

Breaking Through

Without the leadership of Sebastian Guthery and ability to organize like-minded enthusiasts, government agencies might have pushed a ban through, hampering continued access to kratom products. Sebastian is passionate about helping to preserve kratom access through a combination of education, advocacy, and public support. Furthermore, he has demonstrated that he is a valuable participant in the ongoing battle between ethnobotanical enthusiasts and the government agencies seeking to stifle their interests.

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