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In the world of entrepreneurship, businesses rise and fall. Some ventures achieve success, while many others fail. Failure is not an option for the entrepreneur, business professional, and consumer advocate Sebastian Guthery, who has had an unbroken string of successes over the course of his career. From an early age, Sebastian demonstrated a keen understanding of business principles – skills he would use to launch a long line of successful ventures.

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Sebastian has had many roles during his career, from work developing commercial residential properties to a lucrative full-service tanning salon chain and tanning lotion distribution business. He is best known for his leadership at Edens Ethnos, an ethnobotanical retail and importation operation with a global reach. Mr. Guthery has been a vocal advocate for consumer rights, particularly in access to kratom, a natural botanical product imported from Asian countries. He was instrumental in founding the United Kratom Association, banding together with other advocates to fight against DEA proposals that would ban the use and importation of the substance. He has also co-founded an organization called Hemplogica, which distributes products for children afflicted with epilepsy.

In addition to his work and his leadership in the ethnobotanical field, Sebastian Guthery has many other business ventures. He is adept at juggling the demands of diverse operations and thrives on overcoming professional challenges. He has entered the field of real estate, founding Guthery Investments, LLC, and has worked with a private equity firm to develop affordable apartment units in his hometown of Wichita, Kansas. He also launched Luxury Car Rentals, LLC, a company that provides customers with luxury car rental options at competitive pricing.

Sebastian is also deeply involved with charitable causes both in the U.S. and abroad. Recently, he has worked in a fundraising capacity to provide clean drinking water for underprivileged residents of Borneo. He continues to support global humanitarian causes, both as a businessman and as an advocate. His hard work and dedication to business has made him a leader among his peers and has earned him the respect of professionals around the globe.

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