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Youth homelessness is an epidemic in the United States, affecting thousands of young people in communities across the country. Many groups have worked to combat homelessness in America’s youth, providing safe shelter and community-oriented services designed to help young people thrive.

Sebastian Guthery, a successful business leader and entrepreneur, lent his assistance to the cause, co-sponsoring a documentary film screening and fundraising event sponsored by Epiq Entertainment, Inc. and Ch-Ch-Change 4 Change.

The event, held at the Mozambique Restaurant in Laguna Beach, California, showcased the work of up-and-coming documentary filmmaker Rotimi Rainwater. The short film produced by Rainwater is entitled “Lost in America”, and it casts a light on youth homelessness. The Epiq Entertainment event co-sponsored by Guthery and his ethnobotanical retail and importation company Edens Ethnos, brought together influential entertainers, politicians, and community activists.

Sebastian believes that more work needs to be done in combatting homelessness, not only in America’s youth but from all walks of life. He understands that despite the hard work of many charitable organizations, the focus needs to be directed to substance abuse counseling, job training, and mental health services.

He has dedicated his time and his finances to doing what he can to help. Co-sponsoring the documentary screening event gave him a chance to directly meet with others sharing the same concerns, and this helped to build lasting relationships.

Throughout his career, he has supported many humanitarian causes, from clean water access in Borneo to the distribution of medical products to young children affected by intractable epilepsy. He is passionate about helping others, and has leveraged his many successful businesses to support groups around the world.

The event served to raise funds for homelessness intervention programs in the Southern California region, where Sebastian’s company is located. The event had a silent auction and fine art sale to generate funding for homeless shelters and programs, and in lieu of ticket sales, Epiq Entertainment asked event attendees to donate funds at a level they were comfortable with.

Sebastian continues to support the fight against youth homelessness and will help organizations in California and other regions to deliver critical services for America’s underprivileged residents.

Learn more about his giving back here or read his recent BuzzFeed interview here.

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