What is Sebastian’s Journey all about?

Hi! Welcome to Sebastian’s Journey.

The Indonesian Journey

If you didn’t know already, Sebastian’s Journey is a website by serial entrepreneur Sebastian Guthery. He currently runs upwards of 5 different businesses including Luxury Car Rentals LLC, Hemplogica, Guthery Investments LLC, and many others.

Starting out as a young entrepreneur, Guthery knew how important giving back is to building relationships, expanding horizons, and most importantly to grow as a person. Along his way, he learned a lot about the world, humanism, and being the best person he could possibly be. Thus, ‘Sebastian’s Journey’ was born. It was an effort for him to document important factors in happiness, success, and overall mindset that he would like to share with the world.

An example is his trip in 2016 to Indonesia. The trip was a spiritual awakening for Guthery, seeing life & culture outside of the cutthroat grind of America.

Particularly with the rise of technology & consumerism, we’ve seen a world rich with vigor, desire, focused attention turn to clamity and dullness in a world of neverending social media timelines.  – Sebastian Guthery, April 2017

“There is little desire for anything outside of what is necessary in Indonesian culture. This is a page from a book that we can all read from,” Guthery states. “When your focus shifts from personal growth, helping others, and uplifting spirits to buy buy buy, we as a society lose our grip on reality.”

In 2017, he set out to give back more than he ever has. Such as his donation & time spent with Ch-ch-change4change to help fight homelessness.

THE GOAL – change as many lives as possible

Introduce people to game-changing ideas, mindsets, natural products, and everything needed to thrive in the U.S.A. in the 21st century.

This website will be dedicated to covering all of the news surrounding Sebastian’s efforts worldwide to giving back – in the herbal, less-fortunate, and to his favorite communities he has had the pleasure of meeting.

Stay tuned for awesome material!

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